OptiCLAW Release



Company Expands its LightWISE® versatile interconnect (VIC) family with OptiCLAW™ WMZ and HD Patch & Splice, a 1RU 144f LC solution

CABLCON, an IEWC company, proudly unveiled two new products to its LightWISE® portfolio of fiber optic connectivity solutions aimed at optimizing the physical footprint of a premises fiber network the OptiCLAW™ WMZ and the LightWISE® HD Patch & Splice.

The OptiCLAW™ WMZ was developed to facilitate deployment of its VIC mini patch panels in an array of settings that extend beyond the traditional rack ― most notably on the wall or in zero-u space of a cabinet. The OptiCLAW™ WMZ features a patent-pending mechanism that holds the VIC firmly in place while in use yet allows for nearly-instant removal when needed.

The LightWISE® HD Patch & Splice was developed to address an emerging need within older data centers and central offices where escalating fiber optic requirements are challenging the available physical space. The HD Patch & Splice features 144 single-mode LC connections on the front, with an alternating color adapter scheme to assist in identifying both ports and ribbons. The recesses in both the front and back exist to provide easier access and allow for multiple panels to be stacked. The rear of the panel showcases the thoughtful simplicity of the overall design ― a removable 144f mass fusion splice tray, 12 numbered collapsible ribbons, and some additional room for excess ribbon storage.

For more information, visit the Cablcon website at www.cablcon.com, or call (800) 969-9220.

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CABLCON is an ISO 9001 and TL 9000-certified manufacturer of custom broadband cabling solutions. Founded in 1986 as a wire and cable distributor, the company evolved to become a top manufacturer of fiber optic management solutions and passive fiber optic equipment, as well as high-quality copper and fiber assemblies. CABLCON’s exceptional service and delivery help alleviate the challenges associated with upgrading and building out networks to support today’s intense bandwidth requirements. CABLCON solutions are reliable, high-quality products manufactured on a quick-turn basis, in production facilities located in Detroit, Mich., Dallas, Tex., and Monterrey, Mexico.

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