Copper Cable Solutions

Cablcon’s copper cable assemblies support RF, transportation, industrial and high speed data applications, utilizing a variety of cable types to meet your requirements. All of our cable assemblies are domestically manufactured at one of our ISO 9001 & TL 9000 certified locations.

Select assemblies are available with reduced lead times, as part of our Cablcon Quick Ship program. Look for the Quick Ship logo, which designates items that are part of the program.

DAC Cables

Short for ‘Direct Attach Cables,’ DAC cables from Cablcon reduce or eliminate power consumption in the link, and are an effective, cost-saving approach to data center connectivity. DAC cables have emerged as a popular solution for short-distance connections between network servers and switches, and their relative simplicity makes them highly reliable. Product Brochure

RF Braid Assemblies

RF Braid Assemblies Cablcon manufactures assemblies for:
  • Distributed Antenna System Jumpers (IDAS/VDAS/ODAS)
  • Inside Shelter or Cabinet Jumpers
  • Microwave Lines
Cablcon manufactures RF braid assemblies using the most widely accepted cable products in the industry including:
  • LMR195
  • LMR240
  • LMR400
  • LMR600
  • RG-142
  • RG-174
  • RG-400
  • RG-6 Riser & Plenum
  • RG-11 Riser & Plenum
Connector types include:
  • BNC
  • TNC
  • N-Type
  • 7/16 DIN
  • MCX
  • MMCX
  • SMA
  • SMB
  • SSMB
  • QMA
  • WQMA
  • QN
  • 1.0/2.3
  • 4.1-9.5
  • 4.3-10
All cable assemblies are individually sweep tested to your electrical specifications for Frequency, Insertion Loss Requirement and VSWR Return Loss Requirement. Jumpers or single ended assemblies can also be ordered, with an additional connector included loose for field installation. Part of the Quick Ship Program Product Brochure

JMA Wireless RF Jumpers and Connectors

JMA Wireless RF Jumpersjma_trainingcert_basic
Cablcon is an ISO 9001 & TL 9000 certified manufacturer of ½” and ¼” RF jumpers with JMA Wireless brand connectors, tested to your specifications. Attention to Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is important as wireless users are demanding more data at higher speeds. Because PIM affects network speed and performance, high quality PIM tested assemblies are imperative. Cablcon manufactures custom lengths in a quick-turn environment, and tests every assembly to meet your requirements. They are available with the JMA Wireless Weather Protection System (WPS), and are 100% waterproof & temperature tested as defined by IP66-68 & Mil-Std-202. Single ended assemblies can also be ordered, with an additional connector included loose for field installation. Cablcon also offers JMA Wireless laser welded jumpers. Click here to request price sheets for RF jumpers manufactured with JMA Wireless brand connectors. Part of the Quick Ship Program Product Brochure

Times Microwave TFT™ Assemblies

Times Microwave TFT
Cablcon offers Times Microwave TFT™ flexible, low PIM, plenum rated jumper cable assemblies. Applications for TFT™ Flexible Interconnect Jumpers within IDAS and ODAS systems include:
  • Between the antennas and the larger ½” and 7/8” feeder lines
  • Connecting active remotes, couplers and splitters
  • Connecting DAS head end to the base station to DAS head end active components
  • Within racks and cabinets in the DAS head end
Product Brochure

½” & ¼” RF Cable and Connectors

Cablcon supports the distribution of both RF cable and connectors for field termination. When an installation doesn’t permit the use of factory tested, single or double ended preformed jumpers, Cablcon has the necessary materials to help you complete your project on time. Part of the Quick Ship Program RFS Cable and Connectors CommScope Cable and Connectors Product Brochure