Cutting EDGE™ Fiber Assemblies

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies Technical Paper
Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies, Cablcon Technical Paper

Cablcon’s Cutting EDGE™ fiber optic solutions are innovative, best-in-class approaches to reliably achieving ultra-high fiber density inside the building. By reducing the fiber connectivity footprint in both the rack and the cable trough, you can maximize traffic and optimize your physical space, thus creating a strong return on your investment.

Our wide range of Cutting EDGE™ products are American-made at one of our two ISO 9001 & TL 9000-certified manufacturing locations. Cablcon’s outstanding on-time delivery performance keeps your project running on-schedule, while our commitment to meeting industry standards makes Cutting EDGE™ solutions reliable out of the box and for years to come.


Field-Reversible LC Uniboot Jumpers

Cablcon’s Field-Reversible Uniboot LC Jumpers are stackable and allow you to reverse the polarity of the assembly without straining or exposing bare fibers. Product Brochure

MDC Jumpers

Cablcon’s MDC jumpers feature the smallest connector footprint and a simple method for reversing polarity in the field. The MDC first found a home as a connector option on transceivers but its easy accessibility in dense settings made it a logical consideration for patch panels as well. Product Brochure

SN Jumpers

Cablcon’s SN jumpers features the smallest footprint, with its ferrules separated by a mere 3.1mm. Initially designed as a connector for transceivers, the SN’s utility and push-pull boot feature make it a logical consideration for patch panels as well. Product Brochure

CS® Jumpers 

Reduce congestion in the front of your patch panel as you take advantage of improved connector density with Cablcon’s 1.6mm & 2.0mm CS® Jumpers.  Cablcon has incorporated two exciting innovations into its new fiber jumper offering – the CS® connector and a new, two-fiber simplex cordage that boasts a 1.6mm OD. The CS connector is gaining attention rapidly thanks to a footprint that is 40% smaller than a traditional LC duplex. Tested to meet the rigors of the GR-326 spec, the CS connector features Push/Pull Tabs for easy access in high-density applications and employs the same ferrule system as the LC. Product Brochure

MTP® PRO Elite Jumpers 

Improve your network loss budget while taking advantage of many user-friendly enhancements from traditional MPOs® with Cablcon’s MTP® PRO Elite Jumpers.  The feature-rich MTP® PRO connector is a significant improvement over traditional MPO® connectors.  Its elite ferrule and pin system dramatically reduce insertion loss (IL), while the push/pull boot makes accessing jumpers in smaller spaces much easier.  But perhaps the greatest enhancement in the MTP® PRO is the ability to reverse the polarity out in the field, saving you time, money and frustration. Product Brochure

Collapsible Ribbon Assemblies

Cablcon’s Collapsible Ribbon Trunks, Fanouts and Pigtails are a state-of-the-art addition to our Cutting EDGE™ portfolio. Collapsible Ribbon is a new technology that combines the density and splicing advantages of traditional ribbons with the flexibility and reliability of stranded cables. These Backbone-rated cables feature best-in-class OD, while reducing cable bend diameters by as much as 50%. Product Brochure

2mm Micro Breakout Assemblies

2mm Micro Breakout Cables by Cablcon are a new line of Cutting EDGE™ solutions aimed at reducing cable OD and bend radius while maintaining the ability to lengthen the legs of each subunit. Each 2mm subunit is comprised of twelve 250um fibers that may be independently routed based on your rack and panel architecture. These Backbone-rated cables feature a 20% improvement in both OD and bend radius when compared to 3mm Micro Breakout cables, while fiber tray capacity improves by 50%. Product Brochure

3mm Backbone Assemblies

Don’t let the small footprint fool you! Backbone Trunk and Fanout Cables by Cablcon are a new line of robust, small diameter backbone-rated assemblies designed for transceiver applications and longer connections between equipment and patch panels.  Designed with tensile strength and crush resistance that far exceed that of traditional interconnect cordage, our Backbone Trunk and Fanout Cables provide greater reliability during installation while still maintaining the look and feel of a traditional fiber jumper or fanout. Product Brochure

Legacy LC Uniboot Assemblies

With the addition of 1.2mm and 1.6mm two fiber simplex cordage, Cablcon now offers three ways to reduce congestion in the front of your LC patch panel. Innovations from industry-leading cable and connector manufacturers have paved a path toward a smaller cable footprint with less clutter in small spaces – and without sacrificing your network’s reliability in the process. Product Brochure

Legacy Fiber Optic Jumpers

Simplex Duplex Jumpers
All of our fiber optic simplex and duplex jumpers are domestically built at one of our ISO 9001 & TL 9000 certified locations. Our manufacturing process is designed to meet GR-326 Issue 3 End Face Geometry parameters as well as IEC-61300-3-25 for End Face Cleanliness. We specialize in quick-turn, custom length batch manufacturing. Product Brochure

Legacy Multi-Fiber Distribution Assemblies

Multi-Fiber Cable Assemblies
Cablcon produces custom built, multi-count outside plant, indoor/outdoor, riser and plenum rated fiber optic assemblies to meet the specific application needs of our customers. Our manufacturing process and component level product are designed to meet GR-326-CORE Issue 4 and GR-409-CORE End Face Geometry parameters as well as IEC-61300-3-35 End Face Cleanliness. Regardless of your application, Cablcon multi-fiber assemblies provide for a safe, cost effective installation, eliminating field termination. Our guaranteed assemblies are built to exceed all EIA/TIA and Telcordia requirements. Product Brochure Product Brochure

Legacy Ribbon Fiber Assemblies

Accuflex Ribbon Trunk
Ribbon fiber assemblies by Cablcon combine high fiber density in a small diameter, flexible package. Available in 12-72, 84-96 or 108-144 fiber trunk cable, ribbon fiber can be terminated with a 12 or 24 position connector, or fanned-out and terminated individually with your connector of choice. Product Brochure Product Brochure

OSP & Armored Assemblies 

Corr2Flex® Plus+ Spiral Armor

Cablcon’s Corr2Flex®Plus+ spiral mini-armor assemblies are the most durable and flexible fiber optic assemblies in the industry. Available in a variety of singlemode and multimode fiber counts, jacket ratings and connector styles. The cable is extremely flexible & lightweight with strong tensile strength, incredible crush resistance and is rodent & bird proof. The compact and lightweight properties are suitable for routing in cabinets, network interface devices (NID), trays, racks and free-form applications using traditional OSP attachment methods. Product Brochure

Corr2Flex® Non-Metallic OSP & OFNP Micro Armor Fiber Cable Assemblies

Cablcon’s Corr2Flex® non-metallic micro armor fiber optic cable is a flexible cable made from crush resistant polymers. The cable is extremely lightweight with incredible tensile strength and protection. The compact and lightweight properties are suitable for routing in trays, racks and free-form applications using electrical cable style installation using staples or clips. Corr2Flex® fiber optic assemblies provide quality, cost effective solutions, reducing soft costs throughout the installation process due to the ease and speed of installation. Product Brochure

Fiber in Conduit (FIC)

Cablcon’s FIC armored assemblies are made from crush resistant HDPE or PVC coated galvanized steel. The cable is extremely lightweight with incredible tensile strength and protection. The compact and lightweight properties are suitable for routing in trays, racks and free-form applications using electrical cable style installation using staples or clips in an OSP application. Product Brochure