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In-Building DAS Products

Cablcon offers products which support a variety of DAS solutions. Please see our network illustrations to learn where our products fit into your particular DAS network application.

VFM® Installation Highlights

Abbreviated VFM® installation instructions are available for you convenience. However, to ensure correct installation, please see the detailed instructions accompanying your VFM® shipment, or contact your Cablcon Account Manager for assistance.

Value Added Services

As an ISO 9001 & TL 9000 certified manufacturer of custom broadband solutions, Cablcon offers fiber optic management solutions, passive fiber optic equipment and high quality copper and fiber assemblies. In addition to the products we manufacture, we are pleased to offer our customers with several value added services, providing you with the potential to remove soft costs from your next installation.
  • Injection over mold capabilities for both copper & fiber products
  • Cable cutting, bar coding, custom labeling, custom packaging, kits and rack & stack
  • EDI order processing
  • Private label and contract manufacturing
  • Copper and fiber cable striping and custom print legends
  • Online copper and fiber assembly test report databases

Cablcon Web Based Fiber Optic and RF Test Reports

Web Based Reports
In an effort to better support the industry and be more environmentally responsible, Cablcon provides assembly test results online, rather than send paper printouts in all assembly shipments. Cablcon Web Based Fiber Optic Test ReportsCablcon Web Based RF Test Reports

Fiber Assembly End Face Cleanliness (EFC)

A clean connection is a requirement for maintaining an error-free fiber optic network. Dust, lint, oil or other foreign particles may obscure an End Face compromising the integrity of the optical signal. Therefore, it is essential that fiber optic users develop the necessary disciplines and habits to ensure clean connections during the manufacturing, testing, installation and maintenance of fiber optic connections. Cablcon fiber assemblies are built to meet or exceed GR-326 Issue 4 standards for End Face Geometry and IEC-61300-3-35 End Face Cleanliness. Product Brochure